Fuller Bike Adventure – Departure

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I got up at 4 am after a very restless sleep. Constantly going through checklists in my mind trying think of the thing I will inevitably forget and have an “oh shit!” Moment when I’ve discovered what‘s missing. There is a good chance that won’t happen due to Rita. She is the quintessential packer. She anticipates every need and organizes the suitcase like an Amazon where house, a place for everything and everything in it’s place. On my last ride, I (she) forgot nothing. And it took at least three days before I was able to disorganize everything she’d organized.

Another source of anxiety is the fact that there would be about five different scenarios possible on the flight to San Francisco. My current booked fight has me in economy, seat 44C, and arriving in SF at 9;30 am PDT. The earliest i can be picked up is about 1 pm.

When i booked the flight, I thought it was an off day for the ride and the van would be available when I arrived. Turns out, they will be cycling 40 miles in the morning to get to the SF Church, St. John’s Armenian Church. And, because the church where they stayed Thursday night was serving breakfast to the riders, they would not get to SF until well after noon.

I did put in for an upgrade with United but I’m number 10 on the list, so that isn’t happening. I also bid $300 to be bumped to a later flight that would get me in at 1 pm. Wouldn’t that be sweet, getting paid by United to be booked on a more convenient flight? Another plan is to hire an Uber to take me to St. John’s. Uber does offer larger vehicles, though whether it is large enough for a bike box is uncertain. I will only know when the Uber arrives.

Suffice to say, there’s a lot of different ways this could play out.

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