Saturday Service Project Near Santa Barbara

| July 31, 2021 | 0 Comments

In addition to biking, the Fuller Center ride seeks opportunities for service projects along the ride. For the weekend in Santa Barbara we did some landscaping work for a camp in the mountains that serves at-risk foster kids. We cleared leaves at the entrance of the camp using rakes and blowers. It was a welcome break from cycling, though I have to admit, I hate yard work.

Raking Leaves in the Mountains, One of My Favorite Jobs…NOT

Lunch on Saturday was memorable. We went to a funky barbecue place near the camp on the side of the mountain. It was a former stagecoach stop with a tavern and looked it. The road was steep and winding. We marveled at the ability of a team of horses to make it over the mountain. Then we marveled even more with the ability of a drunken stagecoach driver to get down the hill after a stop at the tavern.

Our team leader used the occasion to say goodby to one of extraordinary support people. Her departure was particularly tragic for us beer drinkers as she was the one mentioned in an earlier post who would do periodic beer runs.

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