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For Christmas, my daughter gave me a subscription to something called “Storyworth.” It’s an online program that sends out a question about your life every week and you, the subscriber, have to write an answer to the question. At the end of the year, it assembles all the answers into a book.

It was a good gift for me because I find writing therapeutic. That said, in the words of a million famous writers, “I hate writing, but love having written.” So, I need encouragement to find the discipline to write. Frankly, in my retirement, there’s nothing to encourage me to write except to achieve the good feeling from “having written.” Until now. I’m sure I will experience pressure and guilt over the course of the week as I procrastinate after the question from Storyworth arrives each Monday. But I do think it will force me to write about things that might be of interest someday to my grandchild Kieran. Or not. But who cares? I’ll never know.

As a further incentive, it will force me to produce content for this blog, the readership for which sometimes reaches into the high single digits. But it does provide some needed pressure and an outlet for therapeutic writing.

So, here I go. Most recent post coming up then chronological going back.


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