Storytelling by David Sedaris

| February 24, 2024 | 0 Comments

I love listening to David Sedaris. To the extent I ever imagined myself to be a writer, I would want to be like him. He tells brilliantly funny stories that are full of self deprecation and insightful commentary.

On a crazy whim, I bought a subscription of MasterClass for Christmas. I justified it to myself by taking advantage of a special deal that got you two subscriptions for the price of one. And I gave one to my daughter, Bridget. She just left her job at Soccer Without Borders and was entering a period of change, self improvement and reflection. I thought she might benefit from classes taught by famous people. It’s only two months into the subscription, but I think I was wrong. I don’t think she’s watched a single one. And I haven’t watched as much as I thought I would.

Tonight, I watch two classes by David Sedaris and I really liked them. He has inspired me to write more to this blog….at least temporarily. I do got through ebbs and flows when it comes to writing. Mostly ebbs. But maybe this time it will be different.

My plan is to write little stories about things that have happened in my life. That should give me some material. And I’ll try to incorporate David’s sensibility. The way he finds the humor in every day experiences.

Maybe I’ll get a rhythm and also post photography.

We’ll see….

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