In Defense of PR Experts

| June 27, 2007 | 1 Comment

I am proud to work for what I consider the premier public relations firm in the world. We are an extremely ethical firm and are the best in the business at any comminications challege an organization might face. One of the best parts of my job is that I get to dabble in other people’s business, professions and avocations. But I am always acutely aware that what we do is explain what they do. We don’t do what they do. But it sure is fun learning what they do.

One of my all-time favorite clients was the National Air Traffic Controllers Association. I believe we provided great communications services and came to understand the enormous complexity involved in keeping planes from bumping into one another on the ground or in the air. But after four years working with the association, I had no illusions that I was qualified to manage air traffic. That is why I take no offense that my friend John Carr uses the term “PR expert” as an epithet in his current post on the Main Bang.

Which brings me to the current administrator of the Federal Aviation Administration. Like me, she’s a PR person. But unlike me, she thinks she can run our nation’s air traffic control system. After almost five years on the job, we have impirical evidence that I’m right and she’s wrong. On the other hand, I actually had more experience with air traffic control than she did going into her job. I even visited the tower at Dulles Airport. And, more importantly, I really like all the air traffic controllers I’ve met and many of them like me. That certainly distinquishes me from the current administrator.

So, maybe I am more qualified that I thought. In fact, maybe I’m just the guy for the job of FAA Administrator. Yeah, that’s the ticket, Bill Black, FAA Administrator! I like the sound of that. So, stand aside John Carr, what this country needs is a qualified PR expert to be FAA Administrator and, therefore, I’m throwing my hat into the ring.

Click here to vote for me! While you won’t find my name, just click on “OTHER.” We’ll fill in my name later.

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  1. John Carr says:

    I KNEW it! A write in campaign to unseat me!!! Just when my attention was diverted by all the nice Gettysburg videos…..

    And for what it’s worth…you “got” our business better than anyone, and you are WAY more qualified for the position of Administrator than the current occupant.

    But I still want the job.

    And the driver.

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