Dragging Out the Vote

| January 8, 2008 | 1 Comment

I just came in from my second round of canvassing. My teammate is a young woman from St. Olaf College in Minnesota. She is, as my mother might say, “a little slip of a thing.” But a very hard worker. We’ve got about 64 confirmed Obama households that we have to go back to, again and again, until we can confirm that they have voted. We put doorhangers on their doors between 5 and 7 am this morning. Then we went around again to actually knock on their doors. A good visit is one where the person on our list has voted because it means we don’t have to go back. My most disheartening visit went like this:

“Hello, I’m Bill Black from the Obama campaign and we’re visiting supporters to make sure they have voted. Have you voted today?”

“Oh yes, I voted this morning and I voted for Obama.”

“Great, good job. Thank you!”

As I turned to go, thrilled to be crossing this house off my list, the woman said, “But I don’t live here.”


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  1. JohnnyTHeBull says:


    You don’t have to post this, but call me…440-986-0242. And check out The Main Bang today…I endorsed Obama and will shame NATCA into doing same. I am also going to try to fundraise (50K), but I want to do more. You are the man….find a way to plug me in.

    YOur pal,


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