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| January 9, 2011 | 2 Comments

Our departure from White Bay was a bit complicated by reefs that were partially unmarked. Jean took the dinghy to investigate. Eventually, a large catamaran left the Bay, which gave us an indication of the route out. The on deck issues are getting smoother and smoother. Lifted the sails and cut the motor in a matter of minutes.

Travel to our next destination, Cane Garden Bay on northern Tortola, was the most challenging sailing so far. Lots of wind shifts. We had to do a number of tacks and adjust our route to accommodate the wind. Also, we had a bit of trouble finding Cane Garden Bay, since the coastline had a number of similar bays. We got there in time for lunch however. Here’s the rest of the crew at lunch on the beach,

The following is probably the last picture that will ever show me with a beard. So white you can hardly see it. That’s our boat off my right shoulder. The logo on the shirt is the company I used to work for before I decided to become a Virgin Islands beach bum.

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  1. Susan says:

    Hey Bill,

    Did you get to Quitos in Cane Garden Bay? I am surprised to hear Foxy's has calmed down so much. There used to be some pretty good bands. We went there for New Years Eve one year. I guess you went to Soggy Dollar Bar in White Bay. That's where we had to swim in last year and I almost lost G.

    We stay at Fort Recovery when we go now. Too old to fix all those boat problems and deal with the sails. Fort R is about a 10" drive south from Nanny Cay. Too bad you aren't coming back in Feb. although you could always just stay as Boston Blackie, get some dreadlocks along with your beard and become part of the scenery.

    We're looking forward to seeing those dance moves when you get back.


    S & G

  2. Rita says:

    You are probably right that this is the last photo of you as White Beard!

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