The Beach at Cane Garden Bay

| January 9, 2011 | 0 Comments

Here’s the view from the boat to the restaurant where we had lunch. It’s the one right in the middle.

It seems all the islands we visited had this topography, little strips of land with big mountains rising behind. The islands appear to be underwater mountains with the tips popping out of the water.

What’s has been most fascinating to me about this beach are the pelicans that dive bomb into the water for fish. The pelicans land like depth charges with their wings spread making a big splash and then munch away on their catch. There another kind of bird, some kind of duck, that mimics a torpedo, wings tight to its body and shoots into the water going under to get its prey. This will be part of the post return video.

What’s striking is that this bird behavior is absolutely amazing to visitors, like me, but the locals, not surprisingly, take no notice.

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