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Bridget and the Mayah

I spent the last couple of days in Worcester and Boston with my daughter Bridget.  It was for a tour of The College of the Holy Cross, to which she was admitted and from which her mother graduated.   Bridget went to a couple of classes and toured the campus.  Right now she’s leaning toward “The Cross,” but is still considering University of Vermont as a possibility.

Me and the Mayah








After the campus tour, we drove into Boston to visit Faneuil Hall Marketplace at Boston’s Waterfront.  I was stunned to learn that Bridget had never visited the area.  She’d been to the Boston Commons, but couldn’t recall visiting this part of Boston.  So, we drove into Boston.  Parked the car near my favorite Italian Restaurant in the North End and walked to the Waterfront.  It was a spectacular day, vivid blue sky and just a little on the cool side.  It reminded me why I love Boston.  And Bridget was amazed with the Marketplace.  It was all we could do to avoid gorging ourselves on the awesome display of food.  We did finally breakdown and each got a chocolate chip cookie.

I think my favorite moment was when Bridget held Kevin White’s hand in the over-sized statue of him striding from City Hall to the Marketplace, which was one of his great legacies.  As noted in this blog, he died recently and I remember him fondly as Mayor and the brief meeting I had with him at the 2004 Democratic Convention.

We concluded our day at Picolo Nido, as small restaurant in the North End.  The food is outstanding and there is a free show every night.  Watching the owner, Pino, welcome his guests, rant about Italian politics and, most importantly, explain how his “blessings” were responsible for the Red Sox winning the World Series and the Bruins winning the Stanley Cup is priceless.    His hatred for former Italian President Berlusconi inspired me to give him a gift of the picture below.  That’s Pino smiling in the background.

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