Fuller Cross Country Bike Ride

| July 30, 2016 | 0 Comments
Me after 60 miles in 85 degree heat

Me after 60 miles in 85 degree heat

Today, I will head out to Peoria to meet up with my bike.  On Monday, I will begin the ride back to DC over the next two weeks.  The ride starts with four days in a row of 80 plus miles of riding each day.  The longest I’ve ever ridden is 60 miles and it wasn’t pretty.   See picture.

I’m nervously confident I can do this.  But we’ll see….

My confidence comes from my friend, Peter Asmuth.  He’s a man of my “generation” and has been riding from Seattle.  He was much more fit than me starting out.   So, his success doesn’t necessarily mean I can do this.  But he insists I can do this.  Fortunately, there are support services on the ride, like debrillators, etc.

While I am planning to post regularly to this site, that presupposes I will have the time, inclination or energy to do so.

Peter has been sending emails regularly to a group of friends.  They are informative and very witty.  With his permission, I will post some or all of his messages going forward to this blog.

So, off I go.  Wish me luck…

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