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I completed my day one of the ride, 75 miles.  It actually started out well.  The weather was cool and overcast.  There were a few hills, but not much.  I felt empowered.

We passed through some small farming towns and it was very scenic at the beginning.  I felt like the bicycle gods were smiling on us.

Over time, however, the sun began to peak through the clouds, the temperature rose and the scenery got pretty one dimensional.  Miles and miles of corn on one side of the road and soybeans on the other.

At the 67th mile, I was riding alone and spotted a rare shade tree.  I pulled over and sat under the tree.  My butt was as sore as could be and my knees were giving out.  The last 10 miles were a steady incline and I didn’t think I could take any more of that.

Then I looked at the route on my mobile phone and saw that I was at about the highest point in the ride and the rest was down hill overall.   That gave me the boost to go on.  And, although there were still a few up and down hills, the ride was easier.  I am still sore, though.

Here’s the scenery for about 65 of the 75 miles….

The road from Peoria to Gibson City

The road from Peoria to Gibson City


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