Gay Marraige – How It Plays in Peoria

| August 1, 2016 | 0 Comments

As noted below, the group is staying at the First Christian Church of the Disciples of Christ.  I don’t know anything about the denomination, but the area does feel like the Bible Belt.  The fact that most stores, including bike shops, are closed on Sunday is a clue.

The community has been extraordinarily welcoming.  I went to their service today and it was very nice.  A small older crowd and the Pastor knew the names of everyone in the pews, except, of course, us cyclists. A lot of shout outs about members of the community, both good news and bad.  A few hymns, prayers, a short sermon.

One of the women who cooked the meals for us sat with us at dinner last night and talked about her family and mentioned her “wife.”  Since we’re in the Bible Belt, I assumed I’d heard her wrong.  But today, she asked for some help with a bike problem she had at home and mentioned her wife again.  My private reaction was an indication of my own prejudice.

Such a sign of the times….in a good way.

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