Discovering Rock Creek Park

| April 25, 2020 | 0 Comments

One of the things I’ve discovered during our sheltering in place, is Rock Creek Park. It’s kind of sad that I’ve lived in this neighborhood for more that 20 years and didn’t realize what a treasure the park is. I’ve probably walked in the part more in the last month than the five years previous. And Rita expressed regret that we didn’t bring the kids into the park for walks more often. Oh well. Past is past. For right now, I fell very fortunate to have the park so near.

Key to my enjoyment is Rozzie. Watching her running up the hills, through the trees and along the creek is a joy to behold. When I first started walking during the pandemic, I considered a two mile walk, door to door, a long walk. Forty-five minutes and I felt like I’d done something useful. I’ve been gradually extending the walks. First, there was the three mile walk to the “ruins,” the stones leftover from the renovation of the U.S. Capitol near the public horse stables. Now, that’s the short walk as I peel around the stables and go back down to the creek for a four miler.

My new thing is birds. I started taking pictures of birds in anticipation of my safari to Kenya. That’s been cancelled, but I’m still trying to photograph birds with varying degrees of success. Gotten a couple of good ones. Unfortunately, my spill in the stream wrecked my good camera and I’m now doing what I can with a Canon Powershot. Once I’ve convinced myself that this photography thing will endure, I will upgrade, with Rita’s permission, of course.

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