Vaccination Complete

| February 12, 2021 | 0 Comments

I had a 9:15 am appointment to get the second dose of the Moderna vaccine. It was a little more complicated than the first dose, which was extremely expeditious. It was at a facility on Kennedy Street near North Capitol. Looked like an old movie theater. There was a line outdoors, which concerned me a bit, since I didn’t dress for an extended period outside. It was about 28 degrees.

There were actually multiple lines that the people just organized themselves. One line for 9:15 appointments, a different line for 9:30 appointments. I got into the 9:15 line and it moved pretty quickly. We were herded through. Stand here. Fill out this form. Sit here. Now sit there. Now move into the vaccination room and sit here. Finally, go to table 3 to get your vaccinations. Any questions? “No.” Jab. You’re all set.

I have to say the whole experience, the sign up, the first vaccine, the second vaccine, were incredibly smooth and efficient. I keep hearing about the difficulties people are facing. That was not my experience. Frankly, it was an experience of government working the way it’s supposed to.

Welcome to the Biden Administration.

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