Impeachment Day Plus One

| February 14, 2021 | 0 Comments

Lots of controversy today about the fact that the impeachment managers chose not to call witnesses at the trial that finished with Trump’s acquittal. I’m not sure what to think. Fundamentally, I’m not inclined to second guess Rep. Jaimie Raskin, a true national hero. But the account in today’s Post of how the decision was made does not really satisfy.

It seems the criteria was whether or not it would lead to any more Republican votes. Obviously, it was not going to do that. I wish they had given consideration to the further effect on Trump’s legacy and, frankly, the political impact of having real human beings describing his depravity. I would even give up a few Republican votes if it drove home with the public his utter lack of humanity. He is simply the worst human being I’ve ever known in my lifetime, either personally or through the media. The fact that 70 million people voted to keep him president continues to boggle my mind.

Republicans who know better and continue to enable him constantly make the calculation that he will eventually go away….but he never does. Time after time, he escapes accountability for his crimes. It is never about whether or not he did the thing in question. It’s either the wrong time or not worth the effort or contrary to some procedural norm or whatever. And then, he declares vindication and moves on.

Now, we hear about all the prosecutors that have him in their sights. I find that encouraging, but I wish I had more confidence that one or more of them have the gumption to carry the process through.

In a weird way, I wonder if his acquittal will make him more vulnerable to the criminal justice system. I could imagine that, if he was convicted, his supporters would claim that he has suffered enough. The conviction is worse than any criminal punishment. Or that prosecuting him amounts to double jeopardy.

While we focus on the puzzle of the 70 million, the fact is that 80 million voted against him. And they feel pretty strongly about who he is and what should be done with him. Let’s hope their voices are heard and that these prosecutors know that it is up to them to bring justice, finally, to this terrible, terrible man.

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